7 Best Programming Language to Learn in 2022

Are you a beginner? If yes then don’t worry we are with you to guide the best programming language to learn. Making the 1st step in the world of software development is one of the wise decisions. Among the thousands of programming languages in the world, we just need to choose the well-known and most used through which we can get enough options. Coding and programming are tactful tasks that should be done with intent and patience.

Nowadays, learning such languages is easier than before. With a lot of freely available resources, tools and videos it’s easy to get the best programming language to learn in 2022. So, if you are the one willing to build a carrier as a software developer then you must need to be friendly with this listed programming language.

With more learning, the programming language is only possible with patience and hard work. It’s a different course than the common courses of the university. That’s why you must need to be prepared with patience and motivation before learning.

Top Programming Language is Best for Getting Job

Based on your career goals you need to select the best programming language that benefits you in the future. If you aim to be front end web developer then JavaScript, TypeScript, Elm, and HTML, CSS are the best ones.

Besides this JavaScript, Scala, Python, Ruby, and Google Go are best among the Back-end web development. As more for the mobile software (app) development programming language like Swift, Java, JavaScript, Objective C, are the best and important.

Okay, let’s check out the best programming language in 2022 that you can learn as per your intent and future target. Here we have listed the best language based on mobile development, web development, game development, and system programming.


Nowadays JavaScript becomes one of the mandatory programming languages to be learned for every software developer. Yes, it’s impossible to become a good developer without being familiar without knowledge of JavaScript. It’s only the most popular language in the world but also friendly for all the developers (from beginners to advanced).

If you want to be a front-end developer then knowledge of JavaScript is mandatory including HTML and CSS. Yes, the total web development is based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, if you are willing to be a web developer then JavaScript is the 1st option for you.

Primarily, JavaScript is one of the front-end languages mainly used in developing the web pages but also used on the different server-side with the help of Node.js. It means, JavaScript is not only limited to web development but is also used in building apps through Node.js.


Another most popular programming language that you must be friendly with is Python. Python is one of the well-known and common Back-end web development programming languages which is also used in the development of desktop apps.

With its easy ease, it’s one of the easiest and becomes the most common language for beginners too. As being its Open source nature we can enjoy more freedom on learning and develop freely.

With its GUI Based nature, it’s used in the development of different types of desktop applications. As more, we can find the number of 2D and 3D Games prepared with this language. In short, Python is also treated as the Game Development programming language.


It’s one of the back-end web development programming languages that features the combination of the Object-Oriented Structure and JVM Runtime environment. It means, if you are friendly with JavaScript then it’s easy for you. Scala is the combined and optimized programming language of JavaScript that features the functional language.

As being an Optimized programing language it’s easy for the software to combine pure math for development purposes. Besides web development, this programming language is also used for desktop applications development.

So, after being friendly with JavaScript this one will be the best programming language to learn and make the future better in desktop app development too.


Ruby is another back-end web development programming language that you can learn in 2022. This programming language is used for the development of web applications and powerful websites too.

With its helpful user communities and friendliest nature, it’s more friendly and common for all beginners to learn. We can say it is the best and easy language to learn and build your carriers with its straightforward syntax.

Based on Ruby on Rails, many web applications and websites are built. Most popular sites like Twitter, Shopify, Airbnb, are inspired and developed with the programming language named Ruby on Rails.


If you are willing to learn the programming language that’s friendly with the Apple devices then Swift is for you. On the year of 2014, Apple developed this programming language to encourage all the developers to contribute to app development for their OS.

As being open-source it’s free and easy to use. As more, with its minimal coding requirements, it’s easy to learn as compared to other programming languages. To build the Linux and Mac Applications, this Language is for the developers.

By learning this programming language you can get access to developing the Apps for the whole Apple ecosystem. Yes, besides the iOS (Apple iPhone Applications) you can also develop the watchOS for Apple Watches, tvOS for Apple TVs, and many more.

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C Sharp is one of the object-oriented languages designed by Microsoft with the .NET Framework used for developing the apps for Windows OS. As with C++, this programming language is also user-friendly. with this C functional-based it can be treated as the Object-oriented language that uses the C language.

From the C family, it’s another best programming language for windows applications development. Additionally, you can also grow your knowledge by developing cross-platform applications with this programming language on the Xamarin Platform.


Entering into the world of system programming may be true with this small programming language built by Google. It’s one of the basic and low-level languages that are best for the beginner to build a career in software development.

Like C and CC++ from the C family here also we can find the same and easy syntax. With this programming language, it’s easy to develop cloud-based servers whether it’s web servers, data pipelines, etc.

Wrapping Up

Today’s Learning will be the earning of Tomorrow. So, finding the best programming language as per your internet is important. For this, above we have mentioned the description of the best programming language to learn to get a job in 2022.

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