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What is Wi-Fi Calling | 2 Best Way to Enable Wi-Fi Calling | Is This Safe?

What is Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling is one of the latest technologies used to assist the calling features by making latency-free phone calls. It is the call made with Wi-Fi. Wifi calling is also known as the Vo-Fi or Voiceover Wi-Fi.

How it Works & How to Activate it?

Regarding the wifi calling here, we are with you to discuss how to enable WI-FI calling and all out it.

When we may have to make a stable and latency-free call over the phone call we must need to have good mobile networks. In the absence of a good or strong mobile network, we can’t make better phone calls. For this reason, the technology gives us the new features that help you in making your phone call somehow stable and clear.

What is VoLTE, VoFi
What is VoLTE, VoFi?

What is VoLTE, VoFi?

Today’s phone supports the 4G mobile networks. No doubt in these days all of the smartphones are packed with the 4G chipset to make the phones a 4G network phone. Now, the condition is that we got the 4G service on our phones.
Although we got the 4G services in our phone the new technology are arrived over 4G to make the normal phone calls as HD calls and LTE Calls. Besides also find the features of VoFI calling.

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. LTE is the symbolic form of 4G networks. Although, it’s a symbolic form of 4G in many carries is used to signalized with the ‘4G‘ rather than ‘LTE‘. In simple, it’s the 4G Mobile network with the HD features of calling. Due to this, the phone enabled with VoLTE shows the HD signal in the calling panel.

VoFi is making the phone call with the help of Wi-Fi. Voice over Wi-Fi is the new method of making the VoLTE or 4G HD calls with the help of Wi-Fi. In VoFi calling features the system makes it possible to keep on running the calls without any latency and drop down due to unstable or low network. In short, Voice over Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi calling features helps to make the phone calls stable with zero latency.

How Does Wi-Fi Calling Works
How Does Wi-Fi Calling Works?

How does Wi-Fi Calling Works?

Before reading out the steps to activate Wi-Fi calling on your mobile phone I think it’s necessary to know about the mechanism and working process of wifi calling (How Wi-Fi calling works).

Wi-Fi calling is the 4G phone calls made over Wi-Fi. Here you need to understand the definition clearly. We mentioned the phone calls made over Wi-Fi. It means, the normal VoLTE calls are made over connected Wi-Fi. In simple, at first, I get connected to the Wi-Fi and after that when I made a phone call from my VoLTE enabled handset then it is called Wi-Fi calling.

Here you need to be clear that, actually the Wi-Fi doesn’t make the call. The call is carried out with the 4G VoLTE enabled SIM card of the phone as like normal phone calls. But as an additional, we use the Wi-Fi connection to connect our phone before making such calling, wifi calling.

Making It Clear: At first, you need to connect your phone with Wi-Fi, enable 4G and its LTE service, set up the Wi-Fi calling features from the settings. After that before calling when you connect your phone to Wi-Fi and after that made a phone call to someone then it’s called Wi-Fi calling.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling
How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling?

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling?

In Android Phones

  • Go to the Settings and Open the Wi-Fi settings.
  • From Wi-Fi settings scroll down and find the Wi-Fi Preference option.
  • Go to Advanced and enable the Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Finally Done.

In iPhone Device

If you are an iPhone user you can check these separate steps that help to enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone.

  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Phone option.
  • From Phone Option tap on Wifi Calling.
  • Enable the toggle option on the Next window.
  • Finally Done.

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A 4G Support smartphone, 4G SIM and Smartphone with the support of Wi-Fi calling, Country and SIM with the 4G Availability.

All the 4G Network supported smartphones doesn’t support or features Wi-Fi calling. Also, the Wi-Fi calling features availability depends on the attend the telecom operator.


What is the use of Wi-Fi if the call should be made with the mobile network?

Wi-Fi calling or voice over Wi-Fi is the technique of making the normal 4G VoLTE calls. In simple, if we connect the Wi-Fi after enabling the Wi-Fi calling even in a normal phone call it is known as wifi calling.

Here Wi-Fi just acts as the assistant to protect the phone calls from drop-down due to a weak or uncertain network. Suppose, if suddenly the mobile networks get weak or fell then in this situation the connected Wi-Fi act as the network to make your phone call stable even in lower mobile networks.
Therefore, the main use of Wi-Fi in wifi calling is to make the stable, latency-free, HD clear voice call even in lower mobile networks with the help of connected Wi-Fi in your mobile phone.

Does Wi-Fi call charge an extra carrier?

Wi-fi calling is the VoLTE Call made over the connected Wi-Fi. Here wifi just acts as the supportive agent to provide a temporary network to make the phone call latency-free and stable. Therefore, wifi calling doesn’t charge extra carrier charges.

Where to use wifi calling?

The mobile networks or any satellite transmission can be easily blocked with the buildings, concrete, thin and big walls, in dense areas forests, a crowded area. For this reason, our mobile phone can’t get sufficient network to make phone calls to anyone.
So, in such an area, an area with a lower network strength or lower mobile network you can use wifi calling. Suppose if you are living in a bigger apartment mobile network can’t be reachable to your room. So, in this situation, if you have wifi connection in your room you can enjoy the full benefits of using wifi calling to make latency-free and hassle-free phone calls to anyone.

Wrapping Up

After reading this article, you must have understood how WiFi Calling works and what is WiFi Calling. With all these steps, you can enable WiFi calling on your phone and take advantage of WiFi calling. If you have any questions regarding this topic then comment on us in the comment box given below.

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