What is VPN? 5 Difference between Free VPN and Paid VPN?

Hello guys, Today I will tell you about vpn and difference between free vpn and paid vpn. so lets start…

Virtual Private Network is one of the most used technology to protect our database while using the internet. Using the VPN we can lock or change our IP address through which one can’t trace our current address. Millions of internet users throughout the world are using the VPN for accessing blocked sites and protecting themselves from attackers.

In every point of view, the VPN has its plus and positive points. For this reason, the VPN is being used by millions of internet users all over the world. With a lot of VPN companies in the world, we are enjoying their services for free too. Although the free VPN is okay and capable of restricting the geos we can’t find a lot of disadvantages and limitations. So, for this here we are with you on the Difference Between Free VPN and Paid VPN.

What is VPN? Difference between Free VPN and Paid VPN?

While we are thinking to unblock the restriction on the different blocked sites then we must think about the VPN. If we are on android then we go to the Play Store and download the app. After downloading we enjoy using the Free VPN without paying fees and subscriptions.
VPN stands for VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK. It’s that non-physical connection (without any physical existence) which is used to connect to any network by changing the IPs, Geos by Encrypting the database.

When we get connected to any servers with the VPN we can able to explore the sites restricted in our state or nation. For example, I am from Nepal and willing to visit any site blocked in my country. So, in this situation, I need the help of a VPN and connect to international servers (that may be India servers, USA Servers, etc.) to access that site.
In short, VPN is a network mainly used to change the IP (Internet Protocol) address of our device.

What is a Free VPN?

Besides some VPN service providers majority of the VPN apps and software are free to use within need upgrade features. It means that can be upgraded to restrict limits or enjoy the complete features of that VPN Service provider.

When it comes to Free VPN then there are several applications through which you can enjoy the free VPN to use without paying a single amount to them. Although Free VPN works but we have to face the limitation and other many issues too.

Mainly, such a free VPN makes the money by showing ads before connecting to any servers. No doubt, the major reason that makes the Free VPN survive is with the help of showing Ads. Besides this, such VPNs are in waiting for future subscriptions from their users.

Difference between Free VPN and Paid VPN

When it comes to the difference between Free and Paid VPN then we can find some points that clear us to whether to go for it or not. Check out the complete difference between the Free VPN and Paid VPN.

Security Reason

The 1st point that we can find the difference between the Free and Paid VPN is its security. Yes, in terms of security and protection the Free VPN is backward. As we know, using the internet in this world is unsafe. For this reason, joining the free VPN can be caught by the attackers which leads to the stealing of your data.

To secure and protect an online database the VPN service providers must provide powerful encryption protocols. In absence of such powerful encryption protocols on free VPN, the data of the users can’t be safe.
While in terms of Premium VPN we can find the Rich Encryption protocols. With such powerful and updated encryption, the database is secured.

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Collection of Data

From the initial days, the Free VPN is also been dominating by collecting the personal data of the users. Yes, the Free VPN is free because they may collect your data while using their services.
In return for providing and protecting your data, some service provides collect the data of the users. It includes the browsing history, your real current location, username and passwords, etc.

But if you are a premium VPN user then you are safe from collecting your data by the service provides. Because in return for using the services from the service provides you have paid to them. That’s why It is recommended to go for the premium subscription.

Slow Servers and Limited Speed

No doubt, all the servers of the Free VPN are limited in terms of speed. As compared to the speed of your Internet you may feel 5 times slow speed while using the free Servers. Besides this, in Free VPN we can’t find enough options to choose the servers. With limited Geos, we can’t able to get connected with the desired servers and enjoy the surfing.
The Free VPN is limited in terms of providing enough servers and Geos. Also, we have to face the limitation on speed while using the internet.

Getting the number of servers, Geos and full (same speed as before connecting to the VPN) speed is possible with the premium VPN. Express VPN is one of the best and most trusted Premium VPNs that you can try for free for 7 Days.

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Annoying Ads

Almost all of the Free VPNs is packed with Ads. On such a free VPN app we need to watch an Ad before getting connected to any servers. As I have already mentioned, the major source of earning for such Free VPN service providers is Ads.

Such ads don’t consume the users’ time but also annoy while using any features of that App. That’s why, if you are not ready to get annoyed with Ads and limitations on Speed then best paid vpn is always for you.

Customer Support

Customer care is one of the fundamentals that apply in every business module. It’s another important aspect that all the customer needs to keep in their mind. If you are using the Free VPN then you are not eligible to get any future support from the support team.

While the Premium users are always ahead in getting any support from the team. Through which the premium users are free to request to solve the problem and enjoy full-time support.

Wrapping Up

Getting into the root of the topic on the Difference between Free VPN and Paid VPN to trace out some points above. In every aspect, the premium VPN is better and more secure to use.

We know that VPN is that network technology used to boost the privacy of the data and remove the restriction on the sites. Although the word Free is attractive and surprising we have to face the many side effects like modern medicine.

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