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How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10? Here is What you can Accomplish with them in Complete Tutorial

Today we discuss how to find wi-fi password on windows 10? So let’s begin. . .

Is your laptop connected with the Wi-Fi connection but don’t know the password? Well, nowadays the availability of Wi-Fi is wider than in those days but still, sometimes we are curious to know or see the password of connected Wi-Fi. Sometimes we may forget our password too. So, in this situation, if your Wi-Fi is connected to any Computer device then you can easily check it out.

Finding the connected Wi-Fi password is easy and it’s not a big deal in the case of smartphones. Well, if you are the Xiaomi, Huawei Smartphones users then you can easily check or share the password with the auto made QR Code by the mobile system after connection. On the contrary, we still miss such features in our PCs, Laptops and Computers. Because of these reasons we are still unknown about the ways to find Wi-Fi passwords on Windows 10.

How to Find WI-FI Password
How to Find WI-FI Password

How to Find WI-FI Password

If you are the man looking for the method on how to find a Wi-Fi password on a laptop or desktop then you are at the right site. Although there are a number of ways to check the Wi-Fi password on a Windows PC, the easiest and fastest way is using the CMD.

Find Wi-Fi Password in Windows using CMD

  • Open the command prompt of your PC as Administrator. To open the command prompt in your PC you have to type ‘cmd‘ in the App search box. From the search box you have to right click on the ‘Command Prompt‘ and click on ‘Run as Administrator‘.
Fig 01
  • Allow the windows to make changes to your app by clicking on the Yes from the pop-up user account control. This will now open ‘cmd’ as Administrator.
  • After getting to the ‘cmd’ you have to type the command. Type ‘netsh wlan show profiles’. This command will help to show out the list of all connected Wi-Fi networks in your PC.
Fig 02
  • Choose the Wi-Fi SSID name of which you want to check the password. After selecting the Wi-Fi name Give your next command, ‘netsh wlan show profiles “Wi-Fi SSID Name”. For example, here we are giving a tutorial with the “Tero Bau” Wi-Fi SSID Name.
  • The command to check NetVN Wi-Fi is, netsh wlan show profiles “NetVN” key=clear.
  • Click your Enter Key from the keyboard after giving the above command and let’s see. Scroll down to the page and find the Security Settings. In the security settings option you can find your Wi-Fi password named with Key Content. Yes, the key content shows the password in your windows Pcs.
Fig 03

Wait wait. If you feel lazy on giving the command from the CMD line then you still have an alternative way to find Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 easily.

Read More:

Alternative Method,
Besides the CMD there is another way to check Wi-Fi passwords on windows laptops or desktops. To check the password you can simply follow these simple steps.

Find Wi-Fi Password using Control Panel

Well, the 1st method may be a time consuming and lazy process for you. Don’t worry, here is the next way to check the connected Wi-Fi password in windows.

  • Open the ‘Network Connection’ from the Control Panel. For that you have to open the Run Menu by pressing the Win + R key once. Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ in the run box.
  • From the ‘Network Connection’ of Control Panel you have to click on the Wi-Fi name of which you want to check the password.
  • Click on any Wi-Fi SSID name and to a right click then select on Status.
  • From Status you have to click on ‘Wireless Properties’ and then ‘Security’.
  • Finally, click/ check on ‘Show characters’ to see the password of the connected Wi-Fi.

Find Wi-Fi Password using Windows Settings

The easiest way to check wi-fi passwords is using the Settings App. Yes, using the Network & Internet settings you can see the password of the connected Wi-Fi.

  • Open the settings of your PC And find the ‘Network & Internet Settings’.
  • Click on the connected Wi-Fi name from ‘View your active network’ section.
  • Now click on the ‘Wi-Fi Status’ from the ‘Wireless Properties’.
  • Like the control panel just click on the ‘Security’ tab then ‘Show Characters’ to see the connected Wi-Fi Password.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find a Wi-Fi password without an internet connection?

Using the ‘cmd’ method you can easily check the password of all connected Wi-Fi. CMD method shows the list of all previously connected Wi-Fi networks. So, you can check any Wi-Fi network password connected previously.

How to check internet speed to connected to Wi-Fi?

To check the internet speed of your connected Wi-Fi you can simply visit is the best and easiest website tool to check the real-time internet speed of the connected Wi-Fi. Just visit the, it automatically starts to calculate the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Wrapping Up

After reading this helpful article titled How to find Wi-Fi password in windows computer you are aware of the ways to check the connected Wi-Fi password. Here we have shared the ways to see the Wi-Fi passwords that are connected to your computer and Pcs.
These steps to check Wi-Fi password in laptop and computer works on every brand’s computer operating under windows OS. Now we are sure that you are being helped by this simple tutorial.

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