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How to Delete Other Files in MIUI 12 | Is it Safe to Delete Other Files?

Hey, Guys welcome to IconicBlogger. So today I will discuss with you how to delete other files in MIUI 12 if you are an MIUI user then these best solutions for you.

If you are a Xiaomi phone user then you may have faced the common problem of storage. When you check the device storage either in your Redmi, Poco or Mi phones then you can find the calculation strength of every type of file in your device. But the Others option mentioned on the Storage Space also includes an Option of Other files. yes, here we are with you to assist on How to delete other files in MIUI 12.

Xiaomi phones come with the MIUI Custom Skin. After the successful updates of the Xiaomi phones from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12 and other newer versions includes the new user interface to see the device storage. Due to this, we are not able to delete the Other Files in the Xiaomi phones. don’t worry here we have mentioned the way to delete other files in MIUI.

What are Other Files in MIUI 12 and Later

When we go to the Storage settings to check the status of Storage in new Xiaomi phones then we can find the diagram of the device storage with the size occupied by the different types of data like Video, Apps and data, Audio, APKs, Documents, System, Images including the Other.

‘Other’ files on any phone include an huge amount of cached data. Cached data are those data that creates the historical record of any apps, basically which are non-useful for us. So, it is better to delete the App Cache data. like this, the format of the document like .zip, .exe, .etc., offline downloaded videos. Like video and audio downloaded from streaming app like YouTube App, Netflix App, Gaana App, Hungama App, etc. are saved as another indirect file format. all of these files are categorized as other files in Android phones including Xiaomi phones.

How to Delete Other Files in MIUI 12

How to Delete Other Files in MIUI 12
Delete Other Files in MIUI 12

Okay, let’s come to find simple ways to delete other files in Redmi, Poco and Mi phones.

Simple Methods: Delete Other Files in MIUI 12

  • Go to the Settings, Open the About Phone to Access the Storage in your phone.
  • From the Storage, space page checks the all-storage consumption report. In my case, the Other consumed the 7.58GB Storage.
  • Now go to the Google Play Store and Download the DISK ANALYZER app on your phone.
  • After successful installation of the app open it and allow all types of permission asked by the app. From the home of the app, you can check every statistic about the storage of your phone.
  • Go to the FILE CATEGORIES Section and tap on the OTHERS FILES option. In the other files option, can find the different types of files consuming your device storage.
  • Tap on the files that you want to delete, when you tap on any other files it will take you to the QUICK SEARCH section from where you can select and delete the files.
  • From QUICK SEARCH tap/ select the files that you want to delete and tap on DELETE.
  • It will ask you to confirm before deleting the files with, ‘Confirm File Delete’. tap on OK to confirm the deleting process.
  • Again, come back to the FILE CATEGORIES section and choose the other files to delete by following the same steps.
  • Finally Done.

Using the help of the Storage Analyzer app you can easily find the list of other files to delete in your MIUI 12.

Note: The other also includes movies, audio and other files downloaded from the streaming apps. So, be careful while deleting the items from other files.

Alternative Methods: Delete Other Files in MIUI 12

Delete Other Files in MIUI 12
Deleting App Cache Data

Alternative Method – I : Deleting App Cache Data

If you are not satisfied or still don’t get the right way on how to delete other files in MIUI 12 then you have other options too for deleting such files. Here you have to delete the cached data of every app.

  • Go to the Settings and Find the Apps section. Open the Apps option.
  • Tap on Manage Apps, here it will show the complete list of apps installed on your phone.
  • Tap on ‘Sort by status’ to change the app sort, choose the Used storage. It will show the apps at the top.
  • Start learning the Cache of every app This process helps in clearing the other files.

Although it’s not the complete solution as like the 1st method mentioned at the top still, you will be able to free up some space from your phone.

Deleting the Misc. Files
Deleting the Misc. Files

Alternative Method – II : Deleting the Misc. Files

We have already mentioned that the other files include those files that are directly unreadable by our android system. besides the app cache, offline downloaded files, incomplete files it also includes the other files. Archives and downloaded web pages.
So, be smart and delete all those archivers if they are not necessary.

Deleting the Archivers

  • Open the MI File Manager and tap on the More option from the recent shortcut tab.
  • Tap on Archives and delete all .zip files as your wish.
  • Finally Done.

Deleting Web Pages and Incomplete Downloads

  • Open the MI File Manager and go to the download, documents, etc. The folder where you used store downloaded and received files.
  • Open the folder and find all downloaded web pages, incomplete files.
  • Select the files and delete them.
  • Finally Done.

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Wrapping Up

Finding the best solution on how to delete other files in MIUI 12 is done. If you are facing problems with deleting the other files format in your Xioami phones then it is one of the perfect solutions need to try.

Here we have mentioned the different methods to delete other files in Redmi phones. Before going we again recommend you to read this article carefully to find the perfect solution for you.

Sometimes deleting other files may also include the offline downloaded videos from YouTube. So, before deleting the files it is better to read the file name. We hope the article titled How to delete other files in MIUI 12 helps in solving the problems on your Xiaomi phones.

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