Why Internet does not work at Real Speed? You should know if it gives 80Mbps and more or less

When we check out the real speed of any ISP then it is sure that there is totally a difference between the mentioned and actual speed that we get. This principle is not only found on any Wi-Fi services but also on your Mobile Data plan. So, do you know the reason behind why the internet does not work at real speed as mentioned?

Well, it’s one of the pending topics of many of us who are using the internet in their home and office. Let, I explain. The internet plan with 80Mbps really works on 80Mbps? Surely not.
Regarding this topic here I want to clear about the two major parts. At first, the speed, and second is its calculation.

Why Internet does not work at Real Speed
Internet does not work in Real Speed

Reason: Why Internet does not work in Real Speed

Before finding out the possible answer on it I think you need to have proper knowledge about the speed calculation and plan. The calculation of speed is the primary factor that makes you are not getting the mentioned speed by ISP. As an example, Subisu India Wi-Fi with a 60Mbps plan may not give the speed of 60mbps. Probably, it works around 7mbps.

The second reason that makes your internet does not work at real speed is its plan type. Internet from the good ISPs definitely gives the best internet service to you. Also, the service package also matters the most.

It’s Calculation

As we have already mentioned the speed calculation is the problem that makes us feel our internet is not working at real speed. The speed of the internet is basically measured in Mega Bits (Mb) but not in MegaBytes (MB). So, here is the difference between Mb and MB. MB is a bigger unit than Mb. Almost all the ISP used to advertise the speed of their internet plan in Mbps rather than Mbps. Although the speed is measured or mentioned in Mbps by Internet service provider our mobile phones, Pcs, and data downloading system is based on MBps.

You may have noticed that while downloading anything your file will be downloaded with MBps, rather than Mbps. Due to this, we think that why 60Mbps internet plan is not downloading 60MB file in one second.

How Internet Calculation Works
How Internet Calculation Works

How Internet Calculation Works

So, here we are discussing why the internet does not work at real speed. Before finding out an internet calculation you need to find out the difference between Mbps and Mbps.

MegaBytes Per SecondMega Bits Per Second
Bigger UnitsSmaller Units
Used in File SystemUsed in Internet System
8 Times Bigger than Mbps8 Times Smaller than MBps

1Mbps = 0.125MBps (1/8)
10Mbps = 1.25MBps
80Mbps = 10MBps

So, an internet connection having 80Mbps speed can download files (movies, music, other documents) at the rate of 10MB per second.

Package : Why Internet does not work at Real Speed
Package: Why Internet does not work at Real Speed

Package : Why Internet does not work at Real Speed

An internet package that you are using also causes your internet to work at the required speed. For a good internet speed for 3-4 devices, we must need to have at least a 40Mbps internet plan. So, make sure you are using the higher speed internet plan as per your task on the device.

For me, I am using a 40Mbps internet plan because I am a normal user. So, I don’t need to have a super speed plan for my task. But in terms of YouTubers and online streamers, a 40Mbps internet plan is not the best solution. Here you have to upgrade your internet plan.

Besides this, the ISP company is also the reason for causing an effect on the internet plan. The well-known ISP’s are providing better speed internet plans for the users. At last, normally, internet company used to provide an internet plan on a shared basis. It’s just like shared hosting which is cheaper but a lot of users have to share that net.

Yes, let me clear you that the Wi-Fi using in your home is shared Wi-Fi but not a dedicated server of Wi-Fi. Due to a shared plan, you may not get an exact and expected internet speed from any ISP’s. Honestly, if you need a better and reliable speed then you can choose your Wi-Fi plan to Dedicated Server.

Note: Dedicated Wi-Fi plans are more costly than Shared Wi-Fi even at the same speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best plan for Home Wi-Fi?

If you are planning to get the best Wi-Fi connection for your home plan then definitely I recommend you to choose the plan with a minimum speed of 40Mbps.

Is Wi-Fi Plan used in my Home is Unlimited?

We can’t say any Wi-Fi plan is an unlimited plan because no internet plans are unlimited. In fact, we can get limited data packages/ bandwidth. Normally, the monthly bandwidth consumption is limited to 800GB.
The monthly bandwidth limit may be different on the internet plans, and ISPs. But the bitter reality is that no internet plans are unlimited. In shorts, internet plans are unlimited with limited speed.

Why Dedicated Server are Better than Shared Wi-Fi services?

If you are willing to get stable and better internet speed then a Dedicated Wi-Fi plan is the best option for you. the dedicated wifi services are more managed with the higher priority by the ISPs.
Although Dedicated Wi-Fi plans are expensive you can get better internet speed with top-level bandwidth.

How to Increase Internet Speed without upgrading the Plans?

The homoeopathic way to increase or optimize the speed of your home internet is by clearing the cache files. Like App caches in your smartphones, the Wi-Fi server also stores the cache that slows down your internet speed. So, simply you can clear the cache from the Wi-Fi Dashboard.


It is true that the internet never works at the real speed mentioned by ISP’s. Its speed calculation process, internet plan, number of users, and type of plan that you are using decide the speed of your internet. Besides this, the ISP company is also responsible for why the internet does not work at real speed.

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