Top 10 Best Android Launchers for Android in 2021


Finding the mobile launcher may be easy for us with a simple search on the Google play store. But to find out the best mobile launcher for your android phones may be one of the challenging tasks. No doubt, in the crowd of thousands of launchers for android to make the right choice that not only makes your device look decent and attractive but also must boost it up. Don’t worry here we are with you to give the best list of the top 10 best android launchers for your android phones.

While moving on the list let me explain out why we need launchers for our smartphones. Launchers are one of the customization apps that create changes, helps in the customization of the launching system. The launching system means the way how your smartphones shows and behaviours on the home screen.

Top 10 Android Launchers
Top 10 Android Launcher

Top 10 Android Launchers for Android in 2021

Check the list of the best android launchers in 2021. Here we have mentioned the specs of the most downloaded, customizable and better performer launchers.

  1. Poco Launcher
  2. Apex Launcher
  3. Nova Launcher
  4. Pixel Launcher
  5. Smart Launcher 5
  6. Microsoft Launcher
  7. Pixel Launcher
  8. Wide Launcher
  9. Go Launcher
  10. XOS Launcher
Poco Launcher
Poco Launcher

Poco Launcher – Top 10 Android Launchers

Are you willing to get the Xiaomi Phone user experience in your other brand’s smartphones? If yes, then the Poco launcher is the complete solution for you. It is one of the official launchers used on the Poco phones by Xiaomi. Besides the Poco phones, we can find this launcher as default on other Xiaomi phones, Redmi and Mi phones.

Luckily, this launcher is available to use legally and officially on other brands smartphones too. Yes, Xiaomi Inc officially published this launcher to use in any brands smartphones. It’s one of the lightest with an attractive outlook on our list.

This launcher is easy to customize with one tap. You are free to changes the icon sizes, set the apps with their categories and many more. Besides this, you can also get the smart sidebar panel like Xiaomi phones swiping the left side from the Home page.

Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

After Poco the most liked android launcher in 2021 by me is Apex Launcher. Apex launcher is one of the well known and one of the most downloaded android launchers of all time. Yes, it’s that launcher that comes with the simple outlook but I promise you that it boost your real-time performance.

Although it’s one of the lightweight launchers for android we can find all of the required customization options. You can set the app drawing style easily. Also, sort the way how your apps display while scrolling on the Home App Bar.
Overall, Apex Launcher is my other favourite launcher after Poco Launcher. Its simple, lightweight but easy customization features make me go for it. This launcher is based on the Stock Android that features less customization but is always number one in speed.

Lightning Launcher
Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher

Although the outlook of this Launcher looks outdated and old here we can enjoy more freedom in choosing the customization options. Yes, here we can find maximum customizing options. With a large number of customization options, we can easily customize the outlook of the device.

Choosing the customized app icon may be the best part for many users. Its app animation effect looks cool. If you are still unsatisfied with this high degree of customization on this launcher then still you have an option for upgrading to the premium to unlock the super customization features with premium support.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

You may hear about the Arrow Launcher from anybody else while making curiosity about the android launcher in recent times. Yes, few years before the Microsoft Coop has upgraded their Arrow Launcher made for android as Microsoft Launcher.

As compared to the recent Arrow Launcher we can change. It’s just like a difference between The Sky and The Land. Anyway, there is no doubt in saying Microsoft launcher is one of the top Android launchers of all time.

This launcher is packed with Windows OS features. Yes, as with Windows OS we can find different customization options. The easy customization of the Apps Grids, Smart Sidebar, Attractive Home theme makes you say it is one of the best android launchers in the play store.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

The launcher that gives the same level of user experience as Apex Launcher is not other than Nova Launcher. For this reason, we can say it is the best alternative to Apex Launcher. Nova is a fully customizable launcher that still holds the better ranking in my analysis.

Besides customization let’s talk about the performance of this launcher, it works well. Similarly, this launcher is light and gives a better user experience by boosting your device. So, if you are in search of the fastest android launcher then Nova Launcher is for you. It is also based on the Stock Android with a clean interface and better optimization.

Pixel Launcher
Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher

Nowadays almost all phones come with their customized skin called UI. Almost all of the smartphones companies use their atomized UI from Stock Android provided by Google. So, the reality of the custom UI is not optimized in real-time like Stock Android.

Stock Android is found on Google’s phones. So, if you are also willing to get the pure android experience in your android phones then Pixel Launcher is the solution for you.
Pixel launcher is one of the clean and well-optimized launchers for your android smartphones. Sadly, here we miss a lot of customization e other android launchers from our list. But it’s one of the fastest launchers on our list.

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Smart Launcher 5
Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

The last from the list of the best android launchers is Smart Launcher 5. Smart Launcher made a successful series like web series and movies in providing such brilliant customizable launchers for Android users.

Smart Launcher is fully customizable with a variety of themes. Besides this, it’s easy to customize an app drawer, app icons, colours and app widgets on the home screen. The optimization is one of the plus points of this launcher even in such customization and high-level features. At all, Smart Launcher 5 is the best Android Launcher with additional customization and control of the system in a new way.

Wrapping Up

Using the same default themes for years on the same phones may demotivate using your smartphones. For this reason, we also used to think over customization of the phones. And for the customization, we have Android Launchers. Using the android launcher we can feel the new and better user experience.

We can find it fulfils the need of many Android Users by making it possible to get the far experience closer in our phones.
The list of top 10 android launchers in 2021 includes that android launcher that not only helps in customization but also contributes to the optimization of your smartphones.

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