Removable Battery Vs Non-Removable Battery, Top 4 Comparision to Know Which is Best and Why?

Hey Guys, Welcome to IconicBlogger. Today I will discuss with you about Removable Battery Vs Non-Removable Battery and also tell you which one is best.
If you are using any brand’s smartphones then it is sure that the phone is packed with either a removable battery or non-removable battery. Until a few years, back the smartphones used to come with removable Lithium Ions based batteries. So, today here we are to analyze Removable batteries vs non-removable batteries in smartphones.

In today’s day, almost all smartphones used to come with the removable battery. For few years the trends of using non-removable batteries in smartphones get to rip. From the year 2015, some of the flagship smartphones used to come with such nature batteries. For this, we can say it as one of the biggest trends till now for using the non-removable battery in smartphones.

Well, the trends are not bad but it is necessary to find out whether the non-removable battery is better than the removable battery in smartphones. Both types of battery are in using in these days too but the trend is higher for the non-removable battery.

Nature of Removable and Non-Removable Battery
Nature of Removable and Non-Removable Battery

Nature of Removable Battery and Non-Removable Battery

When it comes to the nature of both types of batteries then we can find many similar points. Moreover these similar points, some points make them the best of the two.

Removable Battery

Removable batteries are those batteries that can be removed from the device without any technical knowledge and tools. Removable batteries are protective, these types of cells are protected with an extra plastic layer.

Non-Removable Battery

Non-removable batteries are those batteries that can’t be removed as easily as removable batteries, we need the help of technical assistants and tools. The non-removable battery is less protective than the plastic layer.

Removable Battery Vs Non-Removable Battery
Removable Battery Vs Non-removable Battery

Comparison: Removable Battery Vs Non-Removable Battery

So now we know the best comparison in Removable Battery Vs Non-Removable Battery.
When it comes to finding out the difference between the removable battery and non-removable battery then we can analyze them with some possible features. From these features and nature, we can trace the difference between the Removable and non-removable batteries in smartphones.

It’s Nature

Removable Battery:
Removable batteries are protective. These types of batteries are protected with multiple layers.
Such layers protect the battery from minor and easy damage with moisture and environmental factors.

Non-Removable Battery:
Non-removable batteries are less protective. These types of batteries are protected with a single layer or maybe not. Due to its non-protective layer, the possibility of damaging the battery and its capacity is higher due to environmental factors.

It’s Price

Removable Battery:
Removable batteries used in smartphones from the initial entry of mobile phones. It’s an old technique. The price cost of production of removable battery is cheaper that automatically makes it cheaper for the smartphones users too. The real cost may differ based on the utility and power capacity of the battery measured in mAh.

Non-Removable Battery:
Non-removable batteries are in used in smartphones since 2015 or later. It’s one of the new cell techniques used in smartphones. The non-removable battery is prepared with high efficiency.
Due to the excessive power demand on its battery nowadays removable batteries are optimized with the latest and powerful technique that makes the non-removable battery expensive.

It’s Capacity

Removable Battery:
In terms of capacity, the removable battery is not functioning better these days. Nowadays the removable batteries are limited to the lower budget smartphones and feature phones.
Production companies are not preparing the removable batteries with the higher capacity as the non-removable batteries. So, we can say the capacity of removable batteries is limited to the feature and lower-budget smartphones.

Non-Removable Battery:
100 percent budget and flagship smartphones are placed with a non-removable battery. Non-removable batteries are being made with a higher power capacity, mAh. As compared to the removable batteries the non-removable batteries function better with the easy extending nature of the capacity.


Removable Battery:
Besides all of these the removable batteries are easy to assemble. Yes, for this reason, the placement of such batteries is also easy. We can easily change the removable batteries in our smartphones without any help from technicians and tools.

Non-Removable Battery:
It’s not protective, besides this, it requires the technical person and tools to make any changes in the batteries. Overall, it’s an expensive, time-consuming, and effective battery.

Why Non-Removable Batteries are Better in Smartphones
Why Non-Removable Batteries are Better in Smartphones

Why Non-Removable Batteries are Better in Smartphones

Almost all the smartphones batteries are based on the Li-ion nature. Due to this as compared to the normal cells the functioning capacity of such cells is better and long-lasting. We can find two types of mobile phones batteries these days, removable and non-removable. When we conclude then almost the majority of the tech experts finalize the word by claiming the non-removable battery as the best.

Non-removable batteries are with higher capacity, it is easy and possible to increase the battery capacity to a higher capacity. Besides this, the non-removable battery is more effective than removable batteries.

Such batteries are prepared with such a technique that degrades the chances of being the damage of battery easily. Also, due to advanced technology such batteries can’t get discharge fast, that’s the plus point for battery power saving and long-lasting of the phone without next charge.

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Is a non-removable battery cheaper?

Non-removable batteries are prepared with an advanced technology that costs higher than normal removable batteries. So, the non-removable battery is costly than removable batteries.

Can I use a removable battery in my non-removable battery phone?

As per the battery nature, the phone’s battery placement is different. Therefore, you can’t perform this.

How to change the non-removable battery on my smartphone?

Changing the non-removable battery is one of the complex and risky processes for the outer field person. If you aren’t a technical assistant in this field then it’s not easy to change the battery. So, please visit the service center to change or for any assistance regarding the phones.

Wrapping Up

Removable batteries are limited to the cheaper phones with their limited functioning capacity. In terms of non-removable battery, it’s cost-effective, long-lasting, a better performer, etc. Makes it better than a removable one.

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