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6 Biggest Blogging Mistakes for Beginners that must be Avoid in 2022


Hey, Guys welcome to Iconic Blogger. Today I will discuss 6 common blogging mistakes for beginners that must be avoided in 2022. If you want to be a successful blogger then you must follow these points.

In the initial days, each of us is unaware of the future effect of that things. As like this for new bloggers to it’s one of the most harmful points that may spoil their hard work. Yes, if you are a new blogger then you must need to avoid such practice while creating and running your blog.

Simple mistakes on any portion of your whole site may cause a huge effect on your blog. Mainly, the bouncing off of the traffic is the biggest negative result for you. Anyway, writing SEO friendly is not a complete factor of ranking, which had been already mentioned in our previous blogging article.

6 Common Blogging Mistakes for Beginners that must be Avoid

6 Common Blogging Mistakes for Beginners that must be Avoid
6 Common Blogging Mistakes for Beginners that must be Avoid

Because of the different reasons the new bloggers used to do different mistakes which can be fixed by applying some steps. Similarly, some mistakes may cause a diverse effect on the future running of the blog too. Therefore, it’s better to avoid such mistakes.

In the initial days, the new bloggers used to spend a number of hours setting up and adding the articles on the blog. Well, it’s a good idea. But in fact, many new bloggers don’t know how to do smart work rather than hard work.
So, why here we recommend you to think wider. Work less and think more, that’s the smart work. Working smartly helps in dealing with new challenges and problems.

Check out the mistakes below to avoid by bloggers.

Plagiarism and Grammar Errors
Plagiarism and Grammar Errors

Plagiarism and Grammar Errors [Main Blogging Mistakes]

Writing a powerful, better and proper knowledge-based article is the key factor that makes your blog post better in the view of ranking. But it’s equally necessary to check whether the article is plagiarism free or not. Yes, we all need unique content. From the beginning, the search engine used not to be enough priority for the copy-paste article.

For this, you can use the help of different online plagiarism checker websites. After getting at least 95% uniqueness you can be able to publish that post.
Likewise, it’s time to check the grammatical errors in your writing. Grammatical mistakes not only makes the readers hard to understand but may also give negative meaning to your sentence. You can use Grammarly to check and fix out the grammar error before posting it.

Choosing the Wrong Topics Niche
Choosing the Wrong Topics or Niche

Choosing the Wrong Topics/Niche

If you are working on a micro-niche blog then you must need to have clear and specific knowledge of that niche. You can easily gain up to deep knowledge in that field within a short time. So, after choosing the one niche try not to publish the article of another niche.

I used to see that some new bloggers publish another niche article on another niche blog, which means on another niche. Like, if you are working on a smartphone niche blog then try not to upload health-related topics, tv related topics, computer-related topics.
Instead of this, you can publish deep articles from the same smartphone niche like articles on 5G phones, How to, Why, What is, Camera, etc. related articles.

Lack of Intent Based Content
Lack of Intent-Based Content

Lack of Intent Based Content

Creating content (article) without intent is one of the biggest mistakes that throw out the visitors from your site. If the article published is not helpful and based on their intent then your blog can’t be grown. Instead of growing, the blog may be used to get negative signals that cause the ranking down.
Creating the article without proper keyword research, without finding possible things to include in that article makes your article invaluable. So, try to include top and main information while creating an article on that keyword.

Poor Linking Technique
Poor Linking Technique

Poor Linking Technique

When we talk about the good internal and external linking techniques then we used to link some articles from our own blog. Besides this, for external linking we used to insert some other relevant post links of other websites, that’s perfect.

But when the question was raised, how did you link it? While inserting a link many bloggers used to give out the link of another post in 2 ways, like this
We all know how to write SEO Friendly posts in easy steps.
How to write SEO Friendly post, Click Here

Here the 1st example is the best technique of inserting the links. This method is a powerful way for linking in terms of SEO. While linking the article in the second example with Click Here doesn’t give a clear search result on search engines. But writing SEO friendly post clears you about the topic.

Thinking on Over Customization
Thinking on Over Customization

Thinking on Over Customization

The biggest personal mistake that I used to do is over customization of the theme and website layout. No doubt, many new bloggers used to give enough time for customization of the blog. Because of this, they think about making huge changes.

But in terms of making the website attractive, they forget that over customization makes the site slower and slower. Yes, for customization we used to install different CSS, Scripts and Plugins that make the site performance worst.
It is one of the common blogging mistakes to avoid. Remember, using a simple customized theme is enough to run the blog. The blog is for sharing ideas, news and information but not for customization.

Using Copyright Materials
Using Copyright Materials

Using Copyright Materials

No doubt, using other properties is an illegal task. Unknowingly, the new bloggers used to use copyright materials either it’s images, logos, etc. Yes, copyright material is an illegal task.
Using such materials may cause problems in future days. Such materials must be avoided on creating blogs. You must not use copyright images for your blog post.

If want to use the images then you can get copyright-free images and videos from different sites. Such images are widely known as royalty-free images. Pixaby, pixels, Shutterstock, etc. Are the best sites to download copyright-free images.

Read More:

Wrapping Up

Mistakes are mistakes either it’s small or big, we must need to clear these mistakes before it affects. That’s why for assisting we have mentioned the 6 blogging mistakes to avoid by every new blogger.
Using copyright images is one of the topmost mistakes that each and every blogger must be avoided. For that, you can customize that images in your own way too.
Besides this, using plagiarism and grammar errors in articles also cause the problem in ranking on your post. So, follow these steps before publishing.

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