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Copyright Free Images for Blogs: 6 Best Free Sites


Uploading the copyright images may cause different problems in future days. Therefore, as being a blogger, we must need to avoid using such copyright images. At the time of creating the post, we must need some images for that article. For this, we are in search of free images for blogs.

If you are in search of free pictures for blogs, then you are at the right site. In this article, we have mentioned the list of some best sites for free photos for blogs. Using free photos means copyright free images.

What are Copyright Free Images?
What are Copyright Free Images?

What are Copyright Free Images?

Copyright free images are those images that can be used without any legal issues. It’s that property that can be used without any authority and gives credits to the original creator or owner.
Actually, copyright free images indicate those images which can be used commercially without providing any credits to the creator. For this the users may have to pay an amount to the original creator too, but not at all.

We can also understand it as royalty-free images. Overall, it’s that images that can be used for any purpose without any legal issues. For this, we may or may not have to pay the creator.
Similarly, it is that image that can be used and can make any changes by the users. One can use it for any purpose.

6 Best Sites for Copyright Free Images for Blog

Check out the list of sites that royalty-free stock photos for blogs. Using these sites you can get a million free photos for blogs and websites which can be used without any copyright issues in future days too.

6 Best Sites for Copyright Free Images for Blog
6 Best Sites for Copyright Free Images for Blog
  1. Pixaby
  2. Pexels
  3. Unsplash
  4. Freeimages
  5. Shutterstock
  6. Getty Images

Pixaby is a well-known site for stunning free photos for blogs. This site offers to download over high-quality images and free stock for every type of creators and freelancer. With its super high-quality images, you can get a variety of options for choosing the quality before downloading.
Yes, 2 million + images is a very wide number to get the desired photos that you want to add to your blog post. All the images on Pixaby are free to use because all the images are licensed under Creative Commons. Creative Commons (CC) materials can be used without any credits.


Pexels is another best alternative site to get free images for blogs and editing. No doubt, this site is packed with millions of High-Quality images. Here you can find attractive and valuable royalty-free images and videos from the top creators worldwide.

Like Pixaby this site also offers you to download the images in multiple resolutions. All the images are under CC, so don’t worry about copyright issues in future days.

By getting free signing up to you are able to enjoy selecting, downloading and using the relevant images for your blog post. It’s a completely free blog image site that you can use for finding royalty-free images in 4K resolution.


Unsplash is also ahead in holding the number of visitors on its sites with a large number of copyright and royalty-free images. If you are willing to get the highest quality and most attractive images in different categories, then you can try this website once.

Here you can find the number of images to search. For this simply type the keyword to get the result of that picture This site offers free image downloading to visitors. Its copyright free images you can use freely in your blog website posts.


The name simply clears, this website is made for providing copyright free images for blogs. offers to find out the number of royalty-free images as per your search query.

Finding out the new and attractive images to use in your blog post shouldn’t be a challenging task for you after visiting this site. Although this site includes a less number of images than pixaby and pexels it’s still another best site to get free stock photos for blogs.


The biggest and top site to get royalty-free images for blogs is not other than Shutterstock. Shutterstock is a well-known site that offers real, relevant and every type of image with high intention. As compared to other sites, this site is ahead and far better at getting the right images on keyword search.

On this site, you can explore the millions of copyright free images, vectors, videos, illustrations, etc. It’s only a single site to get the perfect image as per the keyword for your blog post and other projects.

Sadly, it’s a premium platform. Although this site offers royalty-free images you must have pay for each image before downloading. As per Shutterstock, ‘Our entire collection of images is royalty-free, meaning you can use them in just about every application possible without paying a royalty fee for each time you use the image.’

Getty Images

Another premium site for downloading royalty-free stock photos for blogs is Getty Images. Getty Images is a well-known site for uploading top-level and perfect images and graphics like Shutterstock. This site holds the supreme position in providing copyright free images that’s perfect for your project and blog post.

As compared to other sites like pixaby and pexels this site’s images are more attractive and focused on the intention. Images are higher in terms of very points.

Like Shutterstock, you have to pay the amount for each download. Don’t worry the images are the world’s top and best that’s far better than pexles and pixaby images.

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Wrapping Up
Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

Copyright free images can be used freely without paying royalty to the creators. Using copyright images is the best way to make your blog safe from the creators.
Here we have mentioned the list of the top 6 best copyright free images for blogs. The list includes some paid sites too like Shutterstock and Gettyimages. Besides this, the pixaby and pexels are the best options to get free stock photos for blogs.

Besides all of this, you can edit the downloaded photos in your own way. You can upload the free images on your site after normal edit. Almost the majority of bloggers used to edit such images too before uploading.
In the case of copyright images, you can make some changes to get avoid copyright. For this, you can simply make a few changes to it like, by cropping, resizing, adding text, adding effects, overlapping the images, etc.

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