How to write SEO Friendly Blog Posts? Important Steps and Tips [2022]


So, here we are now going to be the writer and author of our blog. For this, we need to have basic typing skills and some format for making the blog writing process effective. Writing the blog post is one of the major factors that decide the traffic or visitor’s session duration on your site.

After understanding the basics of SEO, it’s time to get a practical project. For this here we have mentioned the same basic steps to make your post or article SEO friendly and readable. As with link building, page authority, the quality of the article also decide the ranking factors of your site.

So, it’s time to write an SEO Friendly article to get a better ranking in search results. Although ranking on top pages is a challenging task for normal bloggers, we have still the potential to rank with SEO Friendly articles.

Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts Steps and Tips
Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts: Steps and Tips

Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts: Steps and Tips

Blog or article writing is quite different from a journal, academic and news writing. Although we follow the same writing skills on blog posts too, we have to focus on the different factors like keywords’ placement, highlighting the words, using special characters, LSI keywords, Linking, Creating keyword-based titles and permalinks, etc.

Finding the Keywords 1
Finding the Keywords

Finding the Keywords for the Post

Proper keyword research is the basic and primary step to be followed by every blogger before creating the blog post. Although blog writing is similar to academic and news writing we can find some differences in it. So, the 1st thing is to make out the proper research on the keyword before creating and collecting the information for the post. As per the niche of your site or blog, you can do proper keyword research with the help of different keywords research tools.

In the absence of proper keyword research, we can’t make an article rankable. Because of all these reasons the primary steps to be considered while creating the SEO Friendly blog post is by doing proper keyword research.
Google Keyword Planner is a widely used free keyword research tool for you. Besides, this, you can also go for premium keyword research tools like Semrush, Ahrefs. Moz, etc.

Title with the Main Keywords
Title with the Main Keywords

Deciding the Title with the Main Keywords

On the basis of keywords selected in 1st step, we need to create a title of the post. Suppose, if we decide to work on the keyword, ‘What is SEO?’ then it is better to give the title of the post as it is, I.e, What is SEO. Besides, you can add some other extra words too on the title.
The title is the deciding factor for the visitors whether to go or not on that site. Thus, try to make the title clear, meaningful with the focused key phrases. In our case we can create an SEO Friendly title like this, What is SEO; All about SEO for better ranking.

Here, the title has included our main keyword. Besides, this, it has also added additional information explaining the complete fundamental of SEO that decides the ranking of the site.
At all, try to clear about the visitors about the article created by you. Remember, don’t forget to add the primary keyword in the title of your post.

Primary Main Keywords
Primary/Main Keywords

Including the Primary/Main Keywords on the 1st Paragraph of Writing

Okay, after deciding the keyword to work and creating the title of the post, it’s time to start writing the content. Writing the content can be learned easily by reading these posts.
As with these blog posts, you can start writing your content. Basically, while writing content, you have to follow some basics that I used to follow.

Starting with the questions regarding the keywords, promising to give out the best answer and better help from that post. Like this, ‘Are you worried about how to check Wi-Fi password on your Windows pc? Don’t worry, here we have mentioned the different ways from which you can see the password of your Wi-Fi. Okay, …’.

After that, you can start writing freely. Similarly, don’t forget to create on H3 or H3 and a few other headings on your blog post. So, this process not only creates a positive signal to the readers but also includes the primary and LSI keywords on your 1st paragraph which is most important.

Keywords on Frequency
Keywords on Frequency

Placement of Keywords on Frequency

After placing the 1st focus keyword on your 1st paragraph now you have to insert the keywords wise fully. For that, you can start inserting or adding the primary as well as LSI keywords on the blog post at a specific frequency.
As per my ranking, try to include LSI keywords on every 150 words.

But remember, the keyword insertion must be natural. It means, it must look natural or that is perfect to insert on that sentence or paragraph. Inserting the LSI keywords make your blog post more powerful in terms of ranking.

Segmentation of the Article into Multi Paragraph
Segmentation of the Article into Multi Paragraph

Segmentation of the Article into Multi Paragraph

These are the basic steps which we are following from the school age. Yes, to create proper readability of your blog post, you have to create your site in multi-paragraph. If you are using Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress, then it helps you in finding out the SEO Errors regarding the blog post. Don’t worry, it is easy to make your blog post Good in Readability on Yoast SEO.

For this, try to insert the keywords naturally. Break or change the paragraph after every 200 to 250 words.

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Conclusion and FAQ

Besides this, there are other steps or factors that you can follow to make your blog post-SEO Friendly. Adding the keywords on meta description, images and videos also make the post SEO optimized.

Is SEO Friendly Article Necessary?

No doubt, SEO friendly article is the ranking factor of your post. Ranking can be decided by different factors. Among them, it is one of them, so, it’s the primary factor for ranking your article.

How SEO Works?

SEO is like a tortoise, it means it’s not rocket science. The SEO process is as much as slow as our government services. So, it takes time to rank your site. Until then you can keep on working on creating other content and give some time on Link building.

How to find keywords?

Finding out the keywords is an easy as well as a difficult task too. For the new bloggers, it is easy to find out the keywords to work. Related Searches shown below on the Google Search result can be used as keywords for small traffic.
Working on such related and long-tail keywords is the perfect way for getting a quick ranking for the new blog and bloggers.

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