Blogger vs WordPress: Which one is Best and Why? Important 4 Points


Hey Guys, Welcome to Iconic Blogger. Today I will discuss with you about Blogger vs WordPress and also tell you these most important 4 points to choose the best one.

Every new blogger may get confused while choosing the best blogging platform to invest their money and time in. Yes, even I used to think a lot before choosing the platform for my future blog. With a lot of research and considerable factor, I got my clear decision for choosing the best platform. So, here I am with you to make a proper comparison on Blogger vs WordPress.

When it comes to creating a blog or normal portfolio website the purity of us either go on blogger.com or scripts of wordpress.com or wordpress.org. Before making the topic clear I want to clear that almost 90% of blogs and websites are made under this platform.

Besides Blogger vs WordPress, there are also many blogging platforms to run your blog Medium, Tumblr, Wix, Joomla, HTML, etc. Are the top most popular alternatives for this? Although there are alternatives we can find blogger and WordPress as the easiest platforms to set up and more customizable.

Blogger Vs WordPress, Comparison
Blogger Vs WordPress, Comparison

Blogger Vs WordPress, Comparison

Blogger is one of the free blogging platforms to create and run the blog and website. Free means free, yes it’s infantile provided by Google LLC. This platform is well popular in creating millions of free blogs all over the world. Therefore, it includes the top-level hosting of Google at totally free of cost with a free .blogspot.com extension.

In terms of WordPress, it is one of the second popular blogging platforms after blogger.com. This platform is well managed and risk-free where we can get extra freedom on setting up the blog. WordPress.com provides free basic hosting with the .wordpress.com extension. Similarly, wordpress.org is a script Cpanel based platform for setting up the blog. It’s a free script platform with hosting charges.

Check out the comparison between Blogger and WordPress.

customization in blogger and wordpress

Customization – Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger is a less customizable blogging platform. In blogger.com we can’t have enough authority to customize the design, themes and whole script. It’s the perfect platform for normal blogs. Customization features on the blog made over blogger.com can’t get extra features to add additional features add-on and plugins.

WordPress is an advanced level platform for bloggers. We can say it is a top-level blogging platform. This platform is fully customizable with a lot of customization features. We have enough authority to design, customize the themes, scripts, etc.
As compared to bloggers we can get more freedom to make our blog site more accessible by applying the additional addons, plugins and prebuilt top-level themes.

Cost and Hosting
Cost and Hosting

Cost and Hosting – Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger is a free platform for creating a blog site. Bloggers can’t charge any amount to set up the blog site. In this platform, one can easily create a blog site with a Gmail account. Blogger.com platform features unlimited free Google hosting to run the site, which means you neither need to pay for hosting nor need to worry about the volume of traffic. Yes, its top-level hosting at free with unmetered bandwidth makes it possible to handle the millions of traffic, it’s amazing.

So, free also includes the free subdomain for your blog, i.e. Blogspot.com. Running your blog on its subdomain may not affect if you are creating the trail blog site for your project or any purpose. Besides this, you can add the custom domain name too.

Coming to press.com and .org. Both are from the same. WordPress is one of the free and open-source platforms to create a blog like blogger.com. Although the press is also free as a blogger we have to pay or buy the hosting to set up this free blogging platform. In simple, we need to pay an amount for the hosting, but in blogger, we can get free top level hosting for a lifetime.

Speed and Ranking
Speed and Ranking

Speed and RankingBlogger vs WordPress

Blogger is a less scripted platform. Organically, the themes, designs and scripts of the blogger.com site are simple and lightweight. Due to this, we can say that the site hosted on blogger.com are organically fast in speed.
As more, the site made on blogger can get rank easily in many cases because of better hosting speed. No doubt, the site created on the blogger platform are lightweight and better in speed.

While WordPress sites are fully customizable due to this the WordPress site seems to be heavy as compared to the blogger sites. As on direct proportion, the word press sites seems to be slow due to a lot of customization scripts, poor hosting, addon scripts and plugins, etc.

The conceptual set on our mind regarding the speed and ranking is slow about WordPress site, that’s is true but not totally. Yes, the actual speed and ranking factors depend upon the themes, caching scripts, hosting, SEO and other factors rather than the platform where you set your blog.
Anyway, the blogger sites are lighter, faster and easy in than WordPress.

Copyright and Others
Copyright and Others

Copyright and Others Blogger vs WordPress

Ford education purposes created some trial sites on the blogger platform. After some time or suddenly after publishing the blog I got a notice of DMCA. That results in being blocked on my site. Although blogger.com is a free platform for creating the blog we have to compromise on different factors. Among the different factors, the main compromising factor is copyright also. Yes, the site created on the blogger platform can get the copyright notice faster.

Creating adult sites, illegal sites, gambling sites, movie download sites, and any other types of sites that go against digital rights and government laws can get the copyright and get blocked quickly.

To get extra freedom with less risk and own control on your site you have an option for choosing WordPress. WordPress is your platform with your paid hosting so it’s free to run any type of site without any copyright and other acts. But here it doesn’t mean that you can create and upload anything, I mean the site can’t be banned suddenly like Blogger.
For this reason, the illegal sites are created either on WordPress, HTML, and another scripted platform rather than WordPress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I choose to create a blog website?

For a normal blog site, thengger.com is the best platform for you. Blogger.com is a free platform to create a blog with free hosting and subdomain which can be changed with your custom domain too.

Which is best for customizing and creating the best design website?

WordPress reaches in customization. Due to its enough freedom to customize the site as per our needs. You can easily customize, remove, add the sections with the help of plugins in WordPress.

Which hosting is best for my new small blog?

If your site is in an infant or hatchery age then choosing the normal shared hosting plan is enough. In the initial days, the site can’t get enough traffic so the normal shared hosting can handle it easily.

Wrapping Up

So guys I think now you know about Blogger vs WordPress. Now you can understand which is the best for blogging, so which one did you like best, please tell in the comment and if there is any problem and queries then comment us.

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