Redmi UI: Redmi to Launch own UI for its Phones [2022]

So, Hey Guys today I will discuss with you a piece of new tech news. The Redmi team has announced that they are going to launch a separate UI for their Redmi phones, so let’s know today about this new UI whose name is given Redmi UI.


Redmi used to be the phone series in the initial days. After a time Redmi turns into the sub-brand under Xiaomi. Still, Xiaomi is the sub-brand of Xiaomi MI but now it’s an independent brand. After a few years as a separate and independent sub-brand, Redmi still used the custom UI of Xiaomi whose name is Redmi UI. As per the 2nd quarter of 2021 Xiaomi holds the topmost position in smartphones company that includes the Mi phones, Redmi Phones, Poco and Blackshark phones. Let, I will be clear that Xiaomi not only owns the Redmi brands, besides this it’s also the parents of Poco and Mi phones itself.

Coming to the point, As per the leaks, the Redmi is going to launch its custom UI, Redmi UI. As we all know that all of the Xiaomi phones, including Redmi, Poco, Mi and Blackshark used to run on the same skin, MIUI. Till now Xiaomi has released MIUI 12.5 and near MIUI 13. Redmi after a separate sub-brand is still using the same UI as in previous times when it used to be the series of Xiaomi phones.

So, about those leaks, all of the Redmi users are going to get the new and fresh Skin with the same brand name. Okay, still we are far from this update officially in our new Redmi phones.

History of MIUI and Its Compatibility - Redmi UI
History of MIUI and Its Compatibility

History of MIUI and Its Compatibility

From the initial days, the majority and top smartphone brands are using their custom UI in their smartphones to make it different from other brands. With this concept the top brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Xiaomi, etc. Started to customize an original stock Android provided by Google as their need.
Such brands customized and named that clean and pure ROM as One UI, Color OS, Funtouch OS, Oxygen OS, MIUI, simultaneously. In the crowd of making its user interface, Xiaomi introduced its UI as MIUI.

MIUI is used to be the cool, customized and attractive UI from the Initial days as compared to other brands UI. The main reason for its attractiveness is due to long experience in this field. Before smartphones and electronics Xiaomi used to be a software company. Xiaomi used to customize the original android and make it a unique UI. In short, Xiaomi was a mobile ROM development company.

When Xiaomi started its smartphone business the people used to purchase smartphones with its better customization of themes and UI. Besides low-cost high features, the custom UI is also another factor to be successful in the smartphone’s world.
Under Mi phones, Xiaomi launch taw series named Redmi, right now it’s an independent brand of Xiaomi.

Redmi to Launch Redmi UI for its Phones
Redmi to Launch Redmi UI for its Phones

Redmi to Launch Redmi UI for its Phones

What is Redmi UI?

To expand the business, some smartphone companies used to undertake new and separate sub-brands. Yes, after a massive success Xiaomi turns the Redmi series into a Redmi sub-brand. Due to this all of the Redmi phones from 2018 used to launch with the Redmi logo in their outer body and in the boot logo too. Before 2018 Redmi was just a Series and came with the Mi logo in the boot menu.

Redmi UI is an upcoming separate UI for Redmi phones. It’s a separate custom UI prepared by Redmi. After a few years of becoming a separate brand, Xiaomi has agreed to use its UI in smartphones. Here we can find the same concept that Realme did after becoming the separate brand of Oppo. But in the case of Redmi, it delays in using its UI even after holding an independent brand from Xiaomi.

In the perfect competition market, all smartphones brands are trying their best to grab users. For this, after Redmi Xiaomi introduced Poco to cross down the market of OPPO brands. About that, the OPPO brand released Realme to cross out the market share of Redmi phones.

Here, both the parent brands target to cross down the market share, that’s good. But in terms of providing their UI in their new brand, Xiaomi fails. Finally, after a long interval, the leaks try to make us happy with this awaited update.
Besides this, the recent news also leaks that not only Redmi but Poco sub-brand is also going to bring their phone with a new UI. s, as with Redmi UI, the Poco phones may come with the Poco UI in the upcoming days.

Redmi UI Features
Redmi UI Features

Redmi UI Features; Expectation and Changes in MIUI

Regarding the features of Redmi UI, there is no information. Although we can guess the possible changes and features in the upcoming Redmi UI. When we take the reference of Color OS of OPPO and Realme UI of Realme we can be clear that there will not be enough changes in this UI.

After a few smartphones on Color OS Realme customized the Color OS in its way. We can say that Realme invest a little time and money in the customization of its UI. This is because Color OS and Realme UI aren’t enough different in comparison. So, if Redmi follows the same strategy as like Realme from its parent company then we can’t expect a huge difference in Redmi UI.

If we have to expect the changes then the changes can be its Logo and UI Name, the MIUI Logo can be replaced with the Redmi UI logo. Minor changes in the boot menu, new user interface with slight changes in the app icon, own Redmi apps rather than Mi apps like Mi calculator, Mi browser, etc.

When will Redmi UI Launch?

Redmi UI may be an upcoming own UI of Redmi phones. To date, there is no official announcement from the Redmi team, 1st thing although Redmi announced to launch the Redmi UI we may get this UI in Redmi phones at the end of 2022, personal expectation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Redmi UI going to be better than MIUI?

As with Realme if Redmi follows the same strategy in creating the UI then we can’t find enough changes in Redmi UI. Still, Redmi UI may be going to perfect UI because the UI is named with its brand’s name.

What are the changes in Redmi UI?

Changes in boot menu and logo, app icons, ringtones and sound effects, home appearance, etc. Are be the changes to expect in Redmi UI.
Why MIUI is Better than One UI?
After FuntouchOS Samsung launched the new UI named OneUI. It’s one of the Red coloured official custom skin of Samsung. Although the OneUI is attractive and featured with a lot of features we miss enough customization. Yes, we can’t get enough options in terms of customization in OneUO as Xiaomi MIUI.
Besides this, we miss different utility features apps as default in Samsung phones like Scanner, Screen Recorder, etc. That makes MIUI better than OneUI.

Wrapping Up

So, guys hope that from this article you got to know that all the details about Redmi UI if any point next I know about Redmi UI, I will definitely share on the next article and if you want to tell something, then definitely comment. Thank you.

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