What is SEO? Learn Basics of SEO in Easy Steps [2022]


SEO is one of the basic fundamentals to be applied on our blog and site to get traffic organically to the site. We can say it as that roadway from where we can find an intentionally based audience in our blog or site. It’s that strategy to be followed while working on blogging and website to get ranking in different search engines.

Creating a blog website is not only a task for bloggers. Besides creating the blog we need to give enough time to create the links and proper optimization of our articles on the search engines. You may know that the search engine only indexes our site contents after submitting and validating the site data in the search console. So, it’s the 1st step on SEO and search engines.

After submitting the site search engine starts to fetch the data and make it searchable in the search engine. Due to this algorithm, one can find the desired result with the keywords. Wait wait, submitting the site on a search engine is not a solution, besides you have to follow the different strategies and techniques to get a better ranking position of your site on particular keywords.

What is SEO?
What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is the way to bring visitors to your site. With proper SEO the website owner can get millions of traffic too. Yes, SEO is the key step or the method to get 100% organic traffic to your site. In search engines, the things can be searched with the words which are known as keywords in blogger’s words.

For a few years, we can find the huge competition on the online blog site for the same keywords. Due to this reason, the normal SEO can’t be effective and true ranking factors. Although SEO is not a complete method that guarantees 100% ranking. Besides this, the site authority, article length, average session duration, etc. also matter. Anyway, Both technical and non-technical SEO is equally important to make our site rankable in the top list in searched keywords.

In simple terms, it’s that method of optimization of our site’s data like images, posts or products to get rankable and gain organic traffic to our site. Understanding, if we optimize our blog post, “How to delete other files in MIUI 12?” then here we follow the different steps to rank this post on that keywords. For that we do changes in the permalink with the keywords, adding the same keyword as the title, adding the keywords in the meta description of the post, adding keywords in the text, tags, etc.

Why is SEO Important?
Why is SEO Important?

Why is SEO Important?

While doing SEO of our site or blog post we used to add the main keywords including the helping keywords that also includes the LSI Keywords. This helps our post SEO friendly. This is because the placement of the keywords at the specific duration of the word is really a good technique to make that post SEO friendly.

Besides the main part of that article, we used to spend some time adding the same keywords on the title and permalinks. This process makes the article SEO Friendly and Good ranks in readability.

After applying these steps the search engine can easily trace out the specific data of your blog post. Search engines like Google show the search result as per the keywords. So, Google shows all the data with those keywords.

Important of SEO

  • Helps in Ranking the Images.
  • Ranking Posts.
  • Ranking Videos.
  • Ranking the ecommerce sites.
  • Helps in Getting organic traffic.
Organic Vs Paid Search
Organic Vs Paid Search

Organic Vs Paid Search

If you are targeting to get the traffic on high CPC keywords or high profitable keywords then it’s quite difficult to get ranked on search engines for most sites. Due to this the easy way to get rank in such keywords is by planning the paid plans.

Google Adwords facilitates this service to run a paid program that will rank your site on a particular keyword from where you can get the desired number of visitors and fill rate. Well, running the paid campaign may be the fastest way to get ranked on top-level keywords too but it’s not a complete solution. Because of this, you can still have an option for ranking organically.

If you have applied the correct SEO as per the algorithm of the search engine, have better authority, better trust flow, then you can easily rank on such keywords tools without a paid campaign. At all, running campaigns is a shortcut way of SEO for ranking. But Organic method of ranking is the real factor that we need to follow to rank our site on specific keywords.

How to do SEO?
How to do SEO?

How to do SEO?

SEO is a wider factor in blogging and online ranking. It’s not a single thing and single steps to be performed. While doing complete SEO you need to divide the different work sections.

Check out the steps for SEO

  • Writing SEO Friendly Article.
  • Applying the correct SEO with the help of SEO Plugins.
  • Submitting the sitemap and website data.
  • Internal and External Linking (Link Building).
  • Social Sharing (Link Juice).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is the way of ranking the sites with the specific keywords based on affiliate or product niche on paid campaigns. It’s the paid way of ranking the keywords based on product or services.
Basically, SEM is done by web hosting, domain registration, online e-commerce and other affiliate sites to get ranked on the top. We can say it as a product or service ad as like on different media.

What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization is the way of ranking some posts, pages or account profiles on social sites. Nowadays different social media sites are running where the creators or digital marketers are making money from the social media posts.
We can say it as a way of ranking the posts on social media to get a better fill rate like SEM.

What is SERP?

Search Engine Ranking Page is that part of the search engine that fetches the major details of the articles or posts shown on the search results. This is the way of showing the details of the post on the searched results.
SERP shows the title, directory and URL and meta description of the site shown on the specific keywords.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO and SEM both are search engine ranking factors. SEO is an organic way of getting the traffic on the site whereas SEM is the paid way of getting traffic to the sites.
Similarly, SEO includes all types of sites to be ranked on search engines whereas SEM is done on the affiliate, product and service niche based site.

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