How to Connect Domain in Blogger And WordPress? Easy Steps Tutorial in 2022


As we all know, to set up a blog we must need to have two things, i.e. domain and hosting. If you are have created your blog on then you don’t need to pay for hosting but need to connect a custom domain. Likewise in terms of WordPress, we must need to have both. Today, here we have mentioned the steps on how to connect custom domains.

So, either Blogger or WordPress you must have to connect domain on it. For that the steps and process are different. Anyway, it’s an easy task to connect custom domains on blogger or WordPress.

How to Connect Domain on Blogger and WordPress; Step by Step

How to Connect Domain on Blogger and WordPress; Step by Step
How to Connect Domain on Blogger and WordPress; Step by Step

How to Connect Domain on Blogger

How to Connect Domain on Blogger
How to Connect Domain on Blogger

Connecting the custom domain to blogger is an easy task. One can connect or add the custom domain to the blogger site in a few minutes. For this, you can’t need to have enough knowledge.

Check out the simple easy steps to be followed to add a custom domain on the blogger site,

  • Log in to with your Gmail account.
  • After logging in to from your Gmail account you will be on the dashboard of the site.
  • Go to the Settings of the site from the dashboard.
  • Scroll down and find the option of Publishing, tap/ click on add custom domain.
  • Enter the custom domain name (domain name which you have registered and want to connect on this site). you have to enter a domain like this,
  • After entering the domain name in the above format you need to click on the Save button.


Hereafter you click on the save option the site shows an error message of unable to verify or update settings. It means the custom domain entered above can’t be saved.


  • Go to the dashboard of the site from where you have registered that domain. It may be NameCheap, GoDaddy, Miles Web, or any others.
  • Find the domain sections from the dashboard of the domain registered site and click on them.
  • Choose the domain from the list, click on the manage option.
  • From nameservers choose or tap on Namecheap BasicDNS.(I gave an example of the namecheap)
  • Tap on the domain drop-down section, it’s a small down peak is given on the top. It will show other drop-down options like Products, Sharing Transfer and Advanced DNS.
  • Tap on Advanced DNS, now here you have to add the records on Namecheap.

It will be like,


How to connect Domain on WordPress

How to Connect Domain on WordPress
How to Connect Domain on WordPress

While purchasing the hosting it is mandatory to choose the domain. In this situation, you got an option of registering the new domain, transferring the domain or using your existing domain from the same or different register. Anyway, you don’t need to connect the domain by default at the time of purchasing.

But you need to change the nameservers of the domain to connect the domain to your site. For example, I have a domain on and hosting on the Bluehost site.

Although I have selected the existing domain registered on it is necessary to change the name server of the domain on NameCheap with the nameservers of Bluehost to connect my site on Bluehost hosting. In this process, we just need to change the nameservers.

How to change Nameserver?

How to change Nameserver
How to change Nameserver?

Change nameserver of the domain to connect on the WordPress site or another hosted site. Follow the below steps,

(Here we are taking an example of the domain registered on NameCheap and hosting on the goviralhost site.)

  • Go to the NameCheap site dashboard and tap on the profile dashboard. It shows all services and domain lists that you owned.
  • Tap on Domain lists option to see out all registered domains.
  • Choose the domain, at one side of that domain you can find the option of Manage, tap there.
  • Find nameservers and choose custom or other nameservers.
  • Enter the nameservers of the hosting on which you have hosted the site with that domain name and extension, in our case we are using iconicbl… We are connecting the domain on goviralhost server, so it’s nameservers are
  • After entering the nameservers tap/click on Right signal button near to the nameserver.
  • Wait for few minutes to hours and finally done.

How to Addon Domain on Hosting Plan?

How to Addon Domain on Hosting Plan
How to Addon Domain to Hosting Plan?

If you have purchased an Add-on domain hosting then you can add the domain to that hosting. It means you can host another site too on that hosting plan. Nowadays, almost all plans feature an add-on domain. So, you can add more than one domain in your hosting plan to host your other sites too.

  • Go to the Cpanel of your hosting and get logged in. For easy, To get logged in go to the Dashboard of your hosting and tap on Log in to cPanel.
  • Scroll down (in mobile phone) or check on the right side (in PC) on the cPanel of your hosting.
  • From STATISTICS you can find an option of Add-on Domain. If your hosting supports the add-on domain then you can find the details.
  • Tap/click on Add-on Domain, it redirects you to the next page.
  • Give the domain name on the site name (like –
  • Click/tap on save, finally done.

With these simple steps, you can easily add on domain to the already owned hosting. As with the previous domain in the add-on domain to you need to change the nameserver as default add the CNAME and A Name record from the dashboard of your domain site.

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Wrapping Up

Connecting or adding the custom domain gives a better identity make it is easy to control your site. Here we have mentioned the method on how to connect custom domains in blogger and WordPress.
This tutorial is fully based on a guide that definitely makes it possible to add your own domain to your hosted site. Whether you are in blogger or WordPress with the help of the above tutorial you can easily connect the custom domain.

In a blogger connecting the custom domain is quite time consuming because you need have to add the DNS records it including the CNAME and A name records. Nowadays, many domain registration companies stop providing the DNS services that cause difficulties in connecting that domain to blogger hosted sites directly.

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