Realme UI Vs MIUI | Which One is Best and Why?


Hey, guys welcome to iconic blogger today I will tell you the difference between Realme UI vs MIUI and also tell you which one is best. So let’s begin…

Nowadays, almost all smartphones brands use their own custom UI on their phones. Not only Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, but Realme and Xiaomi is also ahead in providing a better user experience with an attractive custom UI. Here we are talking about the custom User Interface used by smartphones brands.

When we talk about the two most competitive and most loved custom UI these days, then it’s not other than MIUI. Besides this, we can also find an excessive response on the UI used by the Realme. Among various reasons, to use the own custom UI is one of them, for Realme to own an extra more percentage of the market share.

Yes, after the sub-brand of OPPO, Realme used to use the custom UI of OPPO, I.e. COLOR OS. As compared to Color OS, we can find extra more customization and features in the UI of Realme.

In another hand, the MIUI is the most loved and most used custom UI in the smartphone’s world. As per the 3rd Quarter, 2021 Xiaomi holds the topmost position in the smartphone world. That’s the reason behind it.

Realme UI Vs MIUI Comparison
Realme UI Vs MIUI Comparison

Realme UI Vs MIUI Comparison

All the custom UI is made from the original stock ROM. You may don’t know that Google used to provide the new android update to their phones. Besides this, all the phones running on stock Android, or its program Android One gets the 1st update than such custom UI phones.

Although Google used to provide the clean, smooth and fast loading stock android, the smartphones’ company used to enhance it and make proper customization as per their wish.

Check out the comparison between MIUI and Realme UI.

Devices and Origin – Realme UI vs MIUI

Devices and Origin
Devices and Origin

Realme UI is an official custom UI of Realme smartphones. Due to this, we can find this UI installed on the Realme Phones. In recent times the Realme used the Color OS UI. It’s a sub-brand of OPPO. Because of this, in the initial days, Realme used to install the Color OS UI from their parent company.

While MIUI is widely used on 4 different brands. Yes, Besides Redmi we can find this UI on the Mi, Poco, and Black Shark phones. MIUI is owned by Xiaomi. In fact, All the sub-brands of Xiaomi use this same UI on smartphones. We can’t find the separate UI on its sub-brands like Realme by OPPO.

Customization – Realme UI vs MIUI

Customization 1

No doubt, the main motto of custom UI is for customization. Because of this reason, these smartphone brands used to customize the original and pure UI provided by Google every year.

While talking about Realme UI, then the level of customization is unique. This UI is fully based on dark weight, that’s cool. Although we can’t find enough change in Realme UI as compared to Color OS, we can say it is better than Color OS.

MIUI is fully packed with customization. It’s one of the most customizable UI in smartphones. No doubt, we can’t expect such a high level of customization on MIUI. As compared to other UI this UI provides many customizing elements like themes, wallpaper, app icons, lock screen layout, fonts, and many more.

Moving towards Realme UI, it provides the theme store for customizing the phone as per the user’s wish. Basically, we can notice enough freedom for customizing the layout, app drawer, etc. In Realme UI.

Due to numerous users, we can find numerous developers, creators, and contributors in MIUI. Overall, MIUI is always best in terms of customization.

Speed and Performance – Realme UI vs MIUI

Speed and Performance
Speed and Performance

Although we can’t expect superfast performance like clean stock android in custom UI, it is certain that the Realme UI performs better than MIUI. But the speed can be different in different factors like the phone’s capacity, memory, chipset, technology, etc.

After making the short comparison between the two phones having almost the same specs from Realme and Xiaomi’s Redmi, we got the conclusion that Realme performs well in real-time. For this, the custom UI is one of the reasons.

Well, in the above we talked about customization, we mentioned the MIUI provides more customization features. So, we all know that higher customization leads to slower performance. That’s the reason we can say the Realme UI may be the faster and better performance as compared to MIUI.

Numerous inbuilt apps, features, and default customization makes the phone slower. So, if you need a phone with better speed and performance, then the stock android is one of the best options to try. Nokia is a well-known brand to use the stock android based on Android One in their smartphones.

Additional Features – Realme UI vs MIUI

Additional Features
Additional Features

Do you know why people love phones running on custom UI? It’s for customization. Yes, the phone with custom UI features a lot of customization. Besides MIUI and Realme UI there are other well-known custom UI like One UI, Oxygen OS, Color OS, Funtouch OS, EMUI, Star OS, etc.

Sadly, Nokia Miss such custom UI. That’s why this is the biggest reason for many users not to go for Nokia phones in today’s date too.

When you check out every feature and apps of your Realme Phones, then you can find out other different tools, customization, and bloatware. Yes, among them some are useful and some may not. With such apps and features, you can make your daily life easy too. Although, that’s great to see we miss out on enough additional features in terms of MIUI.

Yes, as with customization, the MIUI also reaches in providing the various features. You can check out the numerous features on your Xiaomi phones, which are more than Realme UI.

Having enough bloatware may be a conditional-based point. But a heavy number of such bloatware and its features make your phone work slow. In additional features, we can find the Scanner, Default Fitness Features, Smart Sidebar, etc. On both UI.

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Wrapping Up

As compared to other Custom UI, the MIUI and Realme UI are well known in terms of customization. After making a proper analysis on Realme UI Vs MIUI it is clear that we can choose the best in terms of different points.

If you love customization and want additional features in your phone, then it’s better to choose the Xiaomi phone. Similarly, if you want the phone running on custom UI with better performance, then Realme UI is the best option for you.

Overall, both the custom UI is best and perfect in terms of customization. If you don’t love customization and are in search of clean UI, then go for phones running on stock or pure android like Nokia.

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