Linux Vs Windows Difference | 6 Best Easy Comparison Between Linux & Windows OS


So, if you are a computer or PC user then you must be well known about the different OS used in our computers and PCs. Although a majority of the computers and laptops are running on Windows OS we can find there is equal importance of other OS in our computer devices. Besides the Windows OS, there are different OS used on PC Computer Like Linux and its different sub-OS like Ubuntu, Google Chromium OS, and other different OS. So, today here we are with the comparison on Linux Vs Windows Difference.

Finding out the difference between Linux and Windows OS we can trace out the different points. Today, here we are going to analyze all of these within one article. Although the Laptop and Computer company used to install or use the Windows OS in their product as default we can find the many users and experts used to change the Windows OS with the different OS like Linux.

So, if you are thinking to change the OS of your computer or PC running on Windows OS then you need to read out some points before going. Here we have mentioned the major difference between Windows and Linux OS.

Linux Vs Windows Difference

Linux Vs Windows Difference
Linux Vs Windows Difference

We have compared and made a difference between Windows and Linux OS on different points. Check out the points to consider the difference between them,

It’s Source – Linux Vs Windows Difference

The 1st thing that we need to find out the difference between them is its source type. Linux is one of the Open source OS that can be used freely without any subscription and making payment. It’s a totally free OS.

While Windows is one of the closed source OS. Yes, it’s that close source OS owned by Microsoft. This OS is not open source and can’t be used freely like Linux OS.

As being open-source it’s free to customize and use for any purpose. This OS is freely available so there is no need to pay a single amount for the developer and owner.

In terms of Windows, it’s proprietary software. It means this OS is held by the copyright. Well, known software company Microsoft owns this OS and is widely used on PC and Computers.

It’s Kernal Type and Software

Linux is a free and open-source OS. When we compare it to the window OS then we can find a huge difference in its functioning too. Basically, the Linux OS looks like an Android OS used in our Smartphones. Talking about the Kernal Type then we can find the use of Monolithic Kernal in Linux OS. Similarly, the Windows OS comes with the MicroKernel.

For installing the software and apps we can find the Linux OS supports multiple software extensions. As compared to Linux, Windows OS supports a few software or app extensions. As main we can find the use and support of .exe file extension.

It’s Pricing and Subscriptions

Okay, coming to the financial part, Linux is a completely free OS. It’s free at both prices as well as copyright and ownership. Yes, we can use this OS in our devices freely without paying a single amount. Also, we can customize and rebrand this OS in our own way. Everyone can customize and modify such OS.

But the Windows OS is closed source and authority is in the hand of the Microsoft team. It’s one of the Paid OS. You need to pay an amount to get the product and activation key to get full features from this OS. Also, we don’t have the right to modify, customize and re-distribute this OS like Linux and Android.

It’s Performance and Efficiency

Coming to performance, the Linux OS is one of the fastest OS in the world. The main reason behind this is it’s a lightweight script. Yes, Linux OS performs better even in lower memory and CPU capacity. As compared to Windows OS this OS performs better.

In terms of Windows OS, we may feel the slow performance. Due to the number of customization and widgets the windows OS consumes more power and processing units. That is the reason why Windows is slower than Linux OS.

It’s Security and Updates – Linux Vs Windows Difference

For every user, it’s at that point we just need to read and compare before choosing. Here I am talking about security. Yes, security is one of the 1st and foremost points to consider before choosing the OS or any products.

If you are Linux Users then it is sure that you will get better or top-level security. Yes, this OS is fully protected with your own command and applied settings. For this reason why the big and digital companies used to use computers running on Linux OS or Apple Mac OS.

Regarding real-time security, we have found that the Windows OS fails to meet that level. No doubt, the Windows OS is a widely used OS but we may have to suffer from the security risk at the top level as compared to the Linux and Mac OS.

Talking for an update, on both OS we can find a regular update. In comparison, Windows is ahead in providing updates regularly. Overall, in terms of security, we can find Linux is highly secured than Windows OS.

Users and Their Comments

Did you know, Windows is not the 1st OS for computers. Although Windows OS is not the 1st OS we can find the 90% of Computer (laptops, PCs) are using and around 95% (except Apple) companies are making their products under the Windows OS. Like Smartphones brands used to make their phone on the basis of Android OS by Google. Like this, the Computers are also used to make on the basis of Windows OS.

When we talk about the users than more than 90% of users love the Windows OS. The main reason behind this is, it’s the default OS of their device. Besides this customization is another biggest reason to keep on staying on Windows OS. Yes, we can get enough customization and a large number of the app available in this OS.

In another hand, our legend Linux OS is also well known for decades. Although the users of this OS are few in percentage we can find it’s been loved by a large percentage of users. The main reason to go for Linux OS is for speed, performance, security, free and other external features.

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Wrapping Up

After making an analysis on Linux Vs Windows Difference we get to the conclusion that the Windows OS is best for customization, easy to use, and mostly used OS. While in another hand, Linux is open-source which can be used freely, features top security, but is not user-friendly for the majority of the users.

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