How to Find Keywords for Blog Writing? An Easy method to Find New Topics [2022]


After deciding the niche to work in, I think it’s not a hard task to find out the keywords and work on it. But after creating some content, you may get blank and can’t find the new keywords and topics to create content for your blog. So, here we have found out some possible steps and techniques from which you can easily find keywords for blog writing. For this keywords can easily find new topics to create articles.

Working in the same niche for a long time definitely makes you feel lazy and bored. In another hand, the level of expertise in that field also gets increased. Anyway, many new bloggers are in such situations and searching for How to find keywords on search engines. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to get the new ideas to create the blog post and grab visitors to the site.

Find New Blog Topics and Find Keywords
Find New Blog Topics

Find New Blog Topics: New Keywords for Blog Writing

Besides What is and How to keywords, it’s time to think out new keywords too if you aren’t getting the keywords to create a blog post. Yes, check out these possible steps that you can try to get the new blog topics.

Finding the Topics from Competitors

Finding the Topics from Competitors
Finding the Topics from Competitors

The basic steps that have been followed by almost all bloggers to find out the new content ideas are from their competitors. Yes, it’s an easy way to get the new blog topics and keywords for your next article. For this, you can take references to some blogs related to your niche.

For example, my blog niche is based on smartphones tutorials. Then it’s better to make other such sites as your competitors. This will not help you in finding out the new blog topics for your site but also help to find out the strength and weaknesses of that blog. From which you can create a better blog post than the competitors.
Here you can take a reference of the same niche of different level competitors. Either you are a new blogger or running the new site, don’t worry. Analyze the three Advanced, Medium and Low-level competitors.

Working Deeply on the Niche

Working Deeply on the Niche
Working Deeply on the Niche

Working on a micro niche blog is one of the quite easy and fastest methods of getting a good result for many of us. That’s why if you are a new blogger then it’s one of the best ideas to work on a micro-niche blog rather than a multi-niche blog.
If we worked on a single niche blog, then it’s easy to create content. But in another hand, as like above, it may be difficult to find out more new topics to create content for the blog.

Here you can work on deep of this blog. For example, I am working on a smartphone niche blog. Now, after creating a number of blog posts, I can expand the category on this blog easily.
Besides the How-to, What is, Smartphones news, I can easily create content on Why questions too. Like this, ‘Why non-removable battery on smartphones?’ Doesn’t it’s better?

Here I mean, you can go into details and don’t miss any topics of that niche.

Using Random Title Generator Tools

Using Random Title Generator Tools
Using Random Title Generator Tools

With the help of different online or random title generator tools, you may get an appropriate title for your next blog. No doubt, it’s that easy way to find new topics to create articles.

Free title generator website like Buzzsumo helps in getting the new and relevant titles as per your keyword. Well, it may not be an effective option but still, you can try to find out some extra new title if you get blank.
Buzzsumo is well-known platform to find out the topics that are ranked well in before days. With that reference, you can also create a new post.

Using Search Engine and Keyword Planner

Using Search Engine and Keyword Planner
Using Search Engine and Keyword Planner

The search engine is also assisting the blogger indirectly to get the new keywords. Yes, with the help of search engine related results you can easily find the new keywords and titles to work.
Almost all search engine, especially Google, shows the related searches, FAQ questions while searching something on its platform. So, here you can make reference to that keywords to create a new post.

Besides this, the keyword research tools also assist to get the new topic ideas and find keywords to work. Besides Google Ads, you can also try other top keyword tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. Such tools do not show the average monthly search volume, keywords trends, etc. But also gives some related topic ideas for your next blog post.

For me, Ubersuggest is one of the best tools for getting new content ideas. Yes, you can easily find out the content ideas by typing the primary keywords.

  • Go to and insert your primary keyword on the search box and tap/click on Search.
  • From there go to Keyword ideas, here you can find out the same similar keyword topics.
  • Finally, done.

Searching Online – Find Keywords

Searching Online
Searching Online

Still not getting better keywords ideas or topics to create a new blog post? Don’t worry, nowadays, there are many YouTube videos and blog websites that are helping you find keywords and new ideas.

Especially, many blogging tutorial YouTube channels are uploading new keyword ideas and topics to work for the bloggers like you. For this, you can check out the YouTube videos that may be the ingredients for your blog post.

YouTube channels like Technovedant and Ft Thoughts used to upload such keyword ideas. Besides, this, you can simply search on Google and visit the top result website to get the new content ideas for your next blog post.

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Wrapping Up

Ranking the blog post can’t be an easy task. Due to this, we all follow new and different ideas to make our blog site content’s better than others. For this, we used to do better and better on our blog.
Anyway, finding to do the new blog topic and find keywords is easy for you after reading this article. In this blog post/ article, we have mentioned the same ways from where you can get assistance to create a new blog post.

We have discussed the 4 different methods from which you will find the best and best topics to work. Finding the keyword topic from the competitors is the 1st best way in terms of ranking because they are your real competitors. Therefore, from reference, you have to create better content on the same title and keywords. In 2nd using the help of keyword research tools also clears you either you have to work on that keyword/ topic or not.

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